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What do you think when you hear the word acupuncture?
“needles,” — It’s pretty common for people to associate treatment with the supposedly scary, pointy instrument used to perform the practice.
But needle-phobic or not, the fact is that more and more modern-day research has been linking this ancient practice to some serious health benefits. Proponents of acupuncture say it can relieve symptoms from a variety of conditions, including headaches, lower back pain, osteoarthritis and insomnia, more…

And the practice is continuing to gain momentum in the world of mainstream medicine, particularly as a secondary treatment to conventional medicine. According to Good Housekeeping,”Recent research from Germany has been positive, showing that adding acupuncture to standard medical treatment helps people with a wide variety of ailments.” From menstrual cramps and runny noses to migraine headaches and asthma, acupuncture better healed the patients who were treated with regular care and acupuncture more so than those treated with regular care alone.

The Atlantic ( click over to their story).  ”We know it works, we just don’t know why,” Dr. Leena Mathew, an attending physician in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center told the publication. “It’s very hard to translate into Western language.”

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